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The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Glittered By Cassie| Cassie

- high quality photos with actual brush cleaning (and a video)
- compares cleaning with Brush Bar and Board to past methods

- overall positive feedback

“As a former Beauty Advisor in charge of cleaning makeup brushes to ensure hygienic applications to my clients, I can honestly say that this (Brush Board) is the best and easiest way to clean makeup brushes.”

“These two products truly make cleaning your makeup brushes fun and easy. I highly recommend these products and I believe every makeup counter needs to carry them and utilize them.”
Brush Cleaning Made Easy| The Brush Bar The Life of Laura| Laura

- high quality photos
- describe products in detail and how she uses them
- states how Brush Bar and Brush Board improved her cleaning routine

“It's a serious game changer.”

“I didn't know I needed either of these in my life, but they have honestly made it so easy to clean my brushes that I think I can safely say, I will be cleaning my brushes more regularly from
The Brush Bar and Brush Bar Board Review with Photos & Discount Code TOMU Blog| Jane

- describes products in detail
- shows photo sequence of cleaning dirty brush with Brush Board (visible results)
- overall positive review

“I used this board with a variety of my brushes, different brands, types, shapes, and sizes and it worked beautifully. I was able to clean all my brushed very quickly and effectively.”

“I have used quite a few brush cleaning methods in the past and this is my favorite so far. The duo of products perfectly complement one another and they both feel very well made.”
The Brush Board & The Brush Bar Take Makeup Brush Care to the Next Level Painted Ladies| Sheila Arkee

- high quality photos with close up shots for details
- shows actual brush cleaning

- overall positive feedback

“Two brilliantly designed inventions that are two new must haves in my makeup brush care routine. “

“I love that this design makes it easy to clean and dry your brushes while traveling!”
The Brush Bar | A New Way to Wash + Dry Your Makeup Brushes Cassandra Myee

- high quality photos
- no photos of actual brush cleaning
- describes products in detail and how she uses them
- compares with other products and past cleaning methods

- overall positive feedback

“These products are pretty darn amazing and make the tedious but very important job of brush cleaning much easier!”

“Innovations like this make me super excited and especially when they genuinely work well and do exactly what you need them to do.
The Brush Bar Beauty and the Chic| Claudia

- high quality photos
- product description not detailed

- states how Brush Board and Brush Bar improved her brush cleaning routine

“The Brush Bar is such a clever and unique idea, I no longer have to clear an entire shelf to make room for my drying brushes.”

“Two unique clever ideas that are actually so usual (useful?), I didn’t think I needed anything like these until I actually had them and now I use them non-stop, my favourite being The Brush Board, no more dry prune hands!”
How I Clean My Makeup Brushes So They Last Longer Erin Kane

- detailed description of products and how she uses them
- closeup shots but not art-directed
- shows actual brush cleaning but no emphasis on 'before and after'

- overall positive feedback

“I was blown away by how easy these products were to use and how much of a difference they actually made to my cleaning routine.”

“This truly has cut the time I spend washing my brushes in half.”
The Brush Bar: Wash and Dry Makeup Brushes Beauty That Walks| Tione Rodney

- describes products in detail
- photos are qood quality but not art-directed
- does not show actual brush cleaning

- overall positive feedback
The Brush Bar and Brush Board are perfect tools for keeping makeup tools clean and dry.
The Products That  Make Washing Your Brushes a Doddle: The Brush Bar Beautylymin| Siobhan

- one flatlay photo only
- product description not too detailed
- states how she uses them and how it makes cleaning easier
- overall positive feedback

“Each brush is clean in less than a minute - no need to scrub to try and get every last bit of foundation out! This is the fastest and easiest method I've ever used to wash my brushes.”

“This is a genius product and I would urge anybody who finds washing their brushes a time-consuming chore to buy one of these!”
How I Clean My Makeup Brushes So Fit So Pretty| Alex

- high quality photos
- product description not detailed

- narrates how she cleans brushes with Brush Board and Bar but does not state effectivity or results
How I Clean My Makeup Brushes| The Brush Bar Beauty and the Bird| Rachel

- high quality photos
- not too detailed product description

- informative regarding the importance of cleaning brushes regulalry and drying them upside down
The Brush Bar Review – How To Dry Makeup Brushes Diary of a Trendaholic| Erica

- high quality photos
- product description not detailed

- does not state how effective it is
The Brush Bar| The Brush Bar & The Brush Board: Review + Closed Giveaway The Happy Sloths| Jasmine

- high quality photos with closeup shots for details
- detailed product description
- states how she uses them
- compares them to other cleaning methods
- Brush Board not good for larger brushes

- Brush Bar can hold limited brushes

“Overall, the idea of The Brush Bar is really genius! It's simple to use and very well-made.”

Beauty Tools| The Brush Bar and Brush Board Review and Giveaway! Cosmetic Proof| Jayne Lim

- high quality photos with closeup shots for details
- describes products in detail and how to use them
- mentions Brush Board is not for large brushes

- mentions Brush Board and Bar are a bit pricey
Easy Ways to Wash Your Makeup Brushes Emily Clare Beauty

- high quality photos
- not a dedicated post

- very brief
July Favorites Xxo Jess| Jess Kayama

- not a dedicated post
- featured flatlays of products
- very brief description

- positive feedback but mentions the Brush Bar cannot be used when washing lots of brushes

“I find this (Brush Board) cleans my brushes SO much better than my hand and I totally recommend it!”

I enjoy drying my brushes on this bar rather than laying them flat to dry, as they can dry naturally and form back into its original shape easier.
Keep Your Makeup Brushes in Fighting Shape with the Brush Bar and Avon Beauty Crazed| Lisamarie and Christelle

- reused photos from Brush Bar wesbsite

- described products but not too much on results and effectivity

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