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Video Title Name Bio Video Link Evaluation Quotes
How To: Clean Overly-Soiled Makeup Brushes Ms. Precious Marie

- good video quality
- full demo of brush cleaning routine
- comments on effectivity of Brush Bar and Brush Board

- explains the importance of cleaning brushes
“I really like it. It's very, very convenient. You can take it on the go and it cleans my brushes really well!” (Brush Board)

- good video quality with effects and music
- says “Brush Bar Board”
- zooms in on every scrubber and explains each
- demos brush cleaning routine with dirty brushes so you could see visible results
- uses rubber band on Brush Bar to hang 3 small brushes at once

“I think I just found a cure to every makeup lover's horrid dream - which is dirty brushes.”

“No more raw palms trying to clean your brushes!”

“Ladies, yes, there is a lifesaver for our makeup brushes. I actually enjoy cleaning my brushes now!”
Quick & Easy: How I Clean My Makeup Brushes/The Brush Bar Review + Demo Erna Limdaugh

- good video quality with effects and music
- subtitles (no voiceover)
- stylish shots
- full demo of brush cleaning routine

- zooms in on Brush Board details with before and after shots of brushes
“Quick and easy!”

WHY You Need to Clean Your Makeup Brushes | The Brush Bar Review

Brandi Pope

- explains in detail the Brush Board scrubbers
- demos how to open Brush Bar
- demos how to clean brushes with comments on effectivity of Brush Bar and Board
- thorough discussion of the importance of clean brushes

- good video quality

“It cleansed my brush so quickly and so good like I can't even describe to you how clean my brush is. It's amazing like it really gets deep down into the grooves!” (Brush Board)

“I love the sleek design of this. It's so aesthetically pleasing and I love that it is really going to increase the longevity of my brushes!” (Brush Bar)
Monday Chat – The Brush Bar, Petit Vour Beauty Box, Clarisonic Nisha Warren (Sugar Puff and Fluff)

- good video quality
- demos how to use the Brush Bar and explains in detail

- not a dedicated video
“An amazing idea! I love everything about it.”
June Faves! Sarah Bridget (SarahhBridget)

- not a dedicated video
- good video quality
- demos how to open and use the Brush Bar
- explains importance of Brush Bar
- shakes Brush Bar around while brushes are hanging to show it's sturdy

“It's a super, super awesome investment if you do need to wash your brushes but you still need to use on the same day!”
Favourite Makeup Brushes & Care Routine | xoBeauty, Furless, Hakuhodo etc Arna Alayne

- good quality
- not a dedicated video
- demos with bowl of water and soap
- shows before and after of dirty brush

- mentions foldable and different sized prongs
“This tool (Brush Bar) really excited me! My friend has one of these and when I saw it I'm like, I need that!”

How I clean my make up brushes (simple and easy) | Reese Tayag

Reese Tayag (Reese)

- good video quality with music
- demos brush cleaning routine
- explains Brush Board in detail (close up of scrubbers + before and after of brushes)

- emphasizes that the Brush Bar can hold different sizes

- not a dedicated video
- shows details of both products
- explains importance of drying brushes upside down

- good quality
July Favorites 2017 Judy C

- good quality
- explains importance of drying brushes upside down with sample of broken brush

- mentions not necessary, not affordable, not enough handles
“If you wanna prolong your brushes I really do think this is a great tool.”

How Do I Clean My Makeup Brushes | Vanity Planet & The Brush Bar

Sasha Kasdeya

- styled shots
- demo of brush cleaning with commentary
- good video quality with music


How To Clean Your Beauty Tools | Sponges, Hair & Makeup Brushes, Tweezers

Lucy (Loepsie)

- good video quality
- not a dedicated video
- demos brush cleaning
-  included a paddle brush

- gave option to just use hands instead of Brush Board
“I've been using these and I absolutely love them!”
How to Wash|Disinfect & Care for Mary Kay Makeup Brushes Leticia (LS Beauty)

- good quality but with dark filter
- demos brush cleaning
- emphasizes too much on effects of oil rather than the Brush Board

- short clip of Brush Bar explaining it could not hold the brushes (used towel instead)
Little Red Box – The Brush Bar Patti (Rxstrmom)

- not a dedicated video
- shows the Brush Board in detail with comments on its effectivity

- demos how to use Brush Bar but shows a part when brushes are slipping

“I love this! I've tried so many different methods of cleaning my brushes but this by far is the easiest to handle!” (Brush Board)

“I love these! These are very practical. You need these in your life!”
My Summer Makeup Routine|Joanna Marie Joanna Marie (joannamariexo)

-  demos brush cleaning but with solid cleanser
-  camera moves a lot

- not a dedicated video
“All the makeup just slides off my brush. It just gets off completely and provides a very good cleaning for my brushes.”
Haul | April 2017 | Sephora | Monat | Estee Lauder | Lip Monthly | Brush Bar | Paula's Choice | No7 Lisa (Lisasz09)

- talks while far from camera
- very brief
- not a dedicated video


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